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Written by eileen   
Friday, 25 September 2009 08:49

As we were leaving the house to drop off the boys at daycare I complained that I was hungry because I hadn't had time to have any breakfast. Jack said I could have something to eat at daycare - but I would have to sit on the chair to eat. I asked Jack if that was a daycare rules and if they had lots of rules. He said yes to both so I asked if we should have more rules at home. Jack said we should so I asked :

 " What rules should we have?"

Jack: " The train rule"

Me: "How does the the train rule go"

Jack" The train rule - there are two carriages"

Me: And what other rules?"

Jack "The batman rule"

Me: And how does that go?

Jack " It goes ....." (here he makes the gesture with no sound)

Me "It goes ..."

Jack " No, you don't go ....., I go ....."


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