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Monday, 15 December 2008 07:40

Jack's friend Rielyn moved up to the big kids side at daycare. I talked about this with Jack and he agreed that he was sad. He agreed it would be nice if I called Rielyn's mum and we met Rielyn at the playground which we finally did last weekend. The boys were thrilled to see each other and ran around and such things. Richard was in the car but after  a while he wanted Rielyn to "meet my Daddy". Rielyn wasn't so keen "I got my own Daddy". Jack, however, was insistent and took Rielyn by the hand to be introduced.

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What's that? PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 03 December 2008 20:15

Jack "What's that up there"

Me " It's a ... memorial"

Jack " It's a rocket"

Me "No, I think it's the war memorial "

Jack" I wait 5 secs. It's going to blast off in the sky"

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Monday, 01 December 2008 02:40

Often one has to translate for one's toddler - not only because their pronunciation is unclear but also because their interest in certain subjects exceeds that of most adults.

 At daycare we this conversation with the daycare worker (Nikki).

me: "What sort of dinosaur are you Jack"

Jack "Rannosaurus Rex"

(he is only ever a "Rannosaurus Rex" for obvious reasons)

me :"What sort of dinosaur is baby brother"

Jack :  "anklyosaurus "

(I pause to explain that an anklyosaurus  is like the Armadillo of the dinosaur world. He always says Luke is an anklyosaurus which I think is really cute)

me: (I hadn't asked this before so wondering what the answer will be) 

"What sort of dinosaur is mummy"

Jack "parasauralophus "

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Jack's train PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 26 November 2008 02:30
Jack convinced me to get the covetted battery container and screwdriver out of the Jack-proof cupboard to put some in his remote control car. After fixing the car Jack was not willing to relinquish his prize so I let him play with them for a bit. I was out of the room while he was playing and he came and got me to show me his 'train' - he had lined up all the large batteries in a row as carriages.
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Thursday, 20 November 2008 05:28

I had given Jack a bowl of food but he had seen that I had a packet of chicken nuggets on the counter and he wanted them. I tried to explain to him that it would need to be cooked first and he could have it after

 Jack "No, I don't want to have that after. I want to have that Fridays"

 He has some idea of other days of the week. He knows we normally go and see Ollie on Tuesdays and has been know to say things like

"No, I don't like Thursdays. It's not Thursday. It's Tuesday"

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