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Wednesday, 28 April 2010 06:04

Driving along today Jack starting talking about when he would be as big as Richard. He told me that when he is as big as Richard he can go in the front seat of the car and he can drive the car and he can sleep in bed with Mummy and Daddy. I told him once he was a big as Daddy he might be able to fall in love and find another girl to sleep with. Jack announced he wanted two mummies. After saying he couldn't I asked him why he wanted two mummies.

 "One to sleep in bed with Daddy and one to sleep in bed with me". I asked him if it wouldn't be a good idea if he got a girlfriend instead but he insisted on two mummies.

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Written by eileen   
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 21:24
One thing we don't need to worry about in our new house is our furniture leaving indents in the carpet. That's because on a daily basis our furniture is pushed into new and strange configurations as part of Jack's latest creation. On a good day there is no sticky tape involved but as often as not he uses an entire roll of packing tape to finesse his creation. Every item of furniture in the lounge plus a few other bits of whatever Jack can find (like a tarp or a cardboard box or 3) is likely to be taped into it.


A lot of effort goes into moving the furniture as Jack is still not much taller than the sofa and his partner in crime definitely isn't!

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He listens he really listens (sometimes) PDF Print E-mail
Written by eileen   
Wednesday, 03 March 2010 09:39

Jack was getting upset about Lukey engaging in one of his new favourite games in the car - yelling really loudly over and over again. He took it upon himself to make Luke stop using caveman like sophistication. I told Jack off and Jack explained it was because Luke was hurting his ears. I told Jack it was Luke's game and if Jack didn't like it he needed to change the game. We had more argument about whether Luke yelling at the top of his voice was really a game but I demonstrated how singing singing twinkle twinkle little star would get Luke to stop yelling and another millisecond of motherhood was survived.

 Later this afternoon on the way home Luke started yelling again. Jack started singing twinkle twinkle little star and after the requisite delay for my brain to start functioning I joined in followed by Luke. I couldn't believe it Jack had listened to me! Of course it didn't take long before Jack was dictating such classy lines as 'If you're happy and you know it poo in your pants'

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Sunday, 08 November 2009 07:09

I think it's hard for anyone who doesn't have children to appreciate the extent to which BEN 10 enters your life!

 I am regularly told that Jack is Ben10 and that "you're Ben 10 mummy and Dad is Ben 10 daddy and Luke is Ben 10 baby". The obsession with Ben 10 extends to many of Jack's contemporaries and while at Mitre 10 today I was able to hear Jack from the far end of the garden centre yelling 'SWAMPFIRE' at the top of his lungs in unison with another random but similarly impassioned kid in the playground.

 If you don't have kids you just won't get it.

Which spiderman are you? PDF Print E-mail
Written by eileen   
Friday, 30 October 2009 23:46

Recently Jack and I had a conversation about good guys and bad guys. As with many of our conversations this one focussed on the central figures in his life - good spiderman and bad spiderman. After Jack explaining his view of the world (good spiderman is good and bad spiderman is bad) I told Jack that in the real world people are a bit good and a bit bad and that even when they do bad things they have to keep trying to do good things. "Mummy does bad things sometimes but I keep trying and trying and trying to be good".

 Later that day I noticed Jack resisting hitting Lukey - even thought Lukey was actually being quite aggravating to him. I told Jack that I was impressed by this and he told me "I keep trying and trying and trying and trying"


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