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Written by eileen   
Thursday, 26 August 2010 23:51
Having forgotten Jack's lunchbox this morning I shot down to daycare just before lunch to take it in. When I got there the kids were sitting on the mat singing. Sharon (the teacher) got them to sign their last song & say their little 'thanks for the food' sort-of-prayer. She then said that Jack, Dylan and Keira could get up first and go and wash their hands. Jack stood up and turned to Sharon very seriously and said "Can I give my Mummy a hug first" - awww
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Written by Keith   
Wednesday, 28 July 2010 02:33

Jack was in the cafeteria at Te Papa, in the play area with the giant Leggo-style building blocks. Jack began building a square pillar. An older and taller boy was building too, but he just put one block on top of the next to make a tall, unstable tower. His tower rose more rapidly. Jack took note and continued upwards in the same way. Loose blocks became scarce so the other boy had to dash away, leaving his tower to totter and crash, scattering blocks across the floor. Jack pounced so fast the other boy didn't see him, and with the newly won blocks, continued on up. With its wider base his tower was still stable. Jack had to stretch up on tip-toe to place his latest block, but a quick check showed that his neighbour's tower was now even taller. Though neither boy acknowledged the other, they were rivals.  

What to do? Jack thought for a moment then pounced on the block bin, upended the remaining blocks onto the floor, and placed this by his tower. He climbed onto it, hugging a few more blocks in his arms, but even so he ran out of stretch before his tower was high enough. The other bin was tried, but to no advantage.

Oh well, you can't win them all. I want to see the motor bike.

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Written by eileen   
Tuesday, 29 June 2010 20:35

Yesterday we got Luke's hair cut for the first time. Jack saw me pocketing an envelope afterwards and asked what it was. I told him that they put Luke's hair from his first haircut into an envelope and gave it to me and that I had a similar envelope at home with hair from his first hair cut. I said that I kept some special things like that. This morning Jack wanted to see his special things - like his hair. I didn't want to fish the hair out so I offered him the chance to see his baby clothes and he agreed.

 In amongst the baby clothes there was a small box which we looked in. It had bubble wrap and plaster of paris hands inside. I told Jack to be very careful of them because they were his hands from when he was a baby. He looked at me and said matter-of-factly with his serious little face - 'yeah they were my hands when I was a baby and then they fell off and I grew new ones'

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Written by eileen   
Thursday, 03 June 2010 11:59

While at my computer I heard Jack in the lounge call Luke over and tell him he was going to read Mighty Machines to him. After hearing him 'read' for a bit I realised that what he was saying was pretty special and I started typing it down. This is what I managed to capture (of about 15 similar statements):

Diggers are really strong for you.and they help you dig

Bulldozers are really big for you They push up all the roads

Plane-trucks are really good for you. They help you carry plane wings

Graders are really good for you they push up all the roads

A truck's really good you they help you drive about

 I went over to look and he point to the words on the page and told me "that's the word - that's what it says". The words he pointed to were not similar to what he was saying but he certainly was telling me he was reading them.  The picture of a 'plane-truck' was a truck with a plane wing on it's trailer

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Written by eileen   
Friday, 07 May 2010 23:03

Jack was tremendously excited about my Aunty Sue and cousin Anna coming to stay and well before they had arrived had moved on from clarifying whether they were his best friends to deciding which of his other friends they could be friends of as well.

Jack also catered to his guests by ensuring Anna had somewhere to sleep. We had removed the pop-up bed from under his bed and put it in the lounge. This left an empty space under his bed which Jack prepared for Anna by putting a cot matress and a pillow in it. In the end Anna decided to sleep on the bed in the lounge as she was unreasonably attached to being able to move during the night but I think she appreciated his hospitality

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