Which spiderman are you? Print
Written by eileen   
Friday, 30 October 2009 23:46

Recently Jack and I had a conversation about good guys and bad guys. As with many of our conversations this one focussed on the central figures in his life - good spiderman and bad spiderman. After Jack explaining his view of the world (good spiderman is good and bad spiderman is bad) I told Jack that in the real world people are a bit good and a bit bad and that even when they do bad things they have to keep trying to do good things. "Mummy does bad things sometimes but I keep trying and trying and trying to be good".

 Later that day I noticed Jack resisting hitting Lukey - even thought Lukey was actually being quite aggravating to him. I told Jack that I was impressed by this and he told me "I keep trying and trying and trying and trying"