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Written by eileen   
Tuesday, 25 July 2006 00:00

Things are going well here and Jack is becoming more and more aware of the world. He has just started to get into batting at things which is not the most impressive feat but quite significant in terms of what has to click into place in his little brain in order for him to start doing it.

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Written by eileen   
Tuesday, 23 May 2006 00:00

Jack Hudson decided he couldn't wait for his due date and made his entrance into the world last Tuesday (16 May 06). He was born at 9.09 am which is nearly an hour after we got to the hospital after an hour long drive through peak hour traffic. I turned out to be a perfect little scientologist** so Richard, who didn't wake up until he heard me throwing up at 6.00 am, hadn't realised quite how far into my labour I was and I don't think the midwives at the hospital did at first either.

Jack was just a tiny thing with a birth weight of 2.84 kg but he's been making up for lost time since he was born and had already gained weight by his 5 day weigh in (normally they'd have lost weight at that point). He has been fairly patient with his incompetent parents although he was pretty unimpressed that they left his nappies so loose he could get his feet inside them and then failed to pick up that he'd soaked the whole bed and kept trying to put him back to sleep in it. His other primary complaints are that his parents take forever to change his nappies and that they gave him the clumsiest bath known to mankind yesterday.

Apart from a bit of ineptitude Richard and I are doing well and have just been taking things very quietly and very slowly

A few pictures:: photo album http://s53.photobucket.com/albums/g43/jackhudson/

** For those of you who don't read trashy magazines supposedly Tom Cruise has been insisting whosiwhatsit suffers through birth in silence according to scientologist belieft.

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