Jack's Tower PDF Print E-mail
Written by Keith   
Wednesday, 28 July 2010 02:33

Jack was in the cafeteria at Te Papa, in the play area with the giant Leggo-style building blocks. Jack began building a square pillar. An older and taller boy was building too, but he just put one block on top of the next to make a tall, unstable tower. His tower rose more rapidly. Jack took note and continued upwards in the same way. Loose blocks became scarce so the other boy had to dash away, leaving his tower to totter and crash, scattering blocks across the floor. Jack pounced so fast the other boy didn't see him, and with the newly won blocks, continued on up. With its wider base his tower was still stable. Jack had to stretch up on tip-toe to place his latest block, but a quick check showed that his neighbour's tower was now even taller. Though neither boy acknowledged the other, they were rivals.  

What to do? Jack thought for a moment then pounced on the block bin, upended the remaining blocks onto the floor, and placed this by his tower. He climbed onto it, hugging a few more blocks in his arms, but even so he ran out of stretch before his tower was high enough. The other bin was tried, but to no advantage.

Oh well, you can't win them all. I want to see the motor bike.

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