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Written by eileen   
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 09:42

While Luke doesn't have manay discernable words yet he seems to be able to express most things with a mixture of vowels. It's amazing what can be communicated by saying a a a a a in different ways. When looking at books with him, however, it's clear that he does have distinct words for lots of things - it's just that they are completely unrecognisable to us! When his fledgling language doesn't work he suppments it by grabbing you by the hair, trousers or hands and dragging you to what he wants.

Although his words aren't that clear his tunes sometimes are. It's not that you consciously recognise his singing - it's just that you find yourself singing 'twinkle twinkle little star' and realise that it's because he's been 'aah-ing it' for the last few minutes.

Just like a big boy PDF Print E-mail
Written by eileen   
Friday, 25 September 2009 08:54

Once Luke had his nappy off tonight he went across the room & fetched Jack's potty. He put it down and with some difficulty managed to sit on it - beaming with his own cleverness. I made a 'ssssss' sound which he thought was hilarious and he came and gave me a hug before returning to sit on the potty again to be following by more sitting, 'sss'ing, laughing, coming for a cuddle and returning to do it all over again ... and again ... many times.

After a few goes he started prompting me to make the 'sssss' sound.

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Written by eileen   
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 22:59

Mum & Dad and I took the boys and Ollie to Staglands in the weekend. Staglands is full of various farm animals which the boys petted, fed (and chased!). They climbed hills, ate food, climbed on all sorts of things, shouted, ran and laughed.

We all had a great time but were exhausted by the end of it. Jack had picked up a stick and was getting a bit ratty and poked me with it so I took it off him and threw it away. He howled and screamed and cried as only a tired three-year-old can but after a while we engaged in mutual apologies and peace was restored.

Once we started talking again I asked the boys what was the best bit of the day. Jack replied "Finding my stick"


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Written by eileen   
Friday, 25 September 2009 08:49

As we were leaving the house to drop off the boys at daycare I complained that I was hungry because I hadn't had time to have any breakfast. Jack said I could have something to eat at daycare - but I would have to sit on the chair to eat. I asked Jack if that was a daycare rules and if they had lots of rules. He said yes to both so I asked if we should have more rules at home. Jack said we should so I asked :

 " What rules should we have?"

Jack: " The train rule"

Me: "How does the the train rule go"

Jack" The train rule - there are two carriages"

Me: And what other rules?"

Jack "The batman rule"

Me: And how does that go?

Jack " It goes ....." (here he makes the gesture with no sound)

Me "It goes ..."

Jack " No, you don't go ....., I go ....."


So there you have it - some rules to live be - according to Jack Hudson

Old MacDonald had a.. PDF Print E-mail
Written by eileen   
Wednesday, 22 April 2009 23:52

DINOSAUR. EIEIO. With a Ra Ra here and a Stomp Stomp there here a Roar Ra there a Stomp everywhere a Ra Stomp. Welcome to the world of singing with Jack. I contributed the conventional words - he contributed the others. On each subsequent verse it turned out that Old MacDonald had a ... "Another dinosaur" with similar sound effects.

Ah well, we've moved on from the days where his vocab limited us to a Dog each verse and now it's his passions that limit us....

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