I see rubbish Jack sees potential. PDF Print E-mail
Written by eileen   
Sunday, 08 May 2011 08:30
Whatever he sees lying around Jack seems to be instantly able to envisage it being turned into something completely different. A couple of old cardboard boxes. That's my Buzz Lightyear Rocket Ship. A plastic shopping bag. My parachute.Toilet rolls become a robot. Whenever he sees beers bottle around the house he leaps on them & sellotapes them together to send home with friends as guns. A ruler and a car seat buckle after the usual large amount of sellotable became a sword and an empty vodka bottle & wine bottle were filled with water and taped together to become a water filled version of an hour glass. He recently came home from daycare with a ninja turtle costume made out of paper but after seeing an episode of the series he augmented it with a pair of paper scabbards holding ruler-swords criss crossing his back.
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