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117. Christening in Bishops Records, Worfield.
118. Have Death Cert 13275, it said he was born in Staffordshire
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121. John Button
122. IGI only possibility on IGI - mother given as Mary.
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142. Larry Incledon
143. from Thomas Adams Hile.
144. “1881 British Census taken 3 April 1881. On LDS web site.” Hill.
145. “1881 British Census taken 3 April 1881. On LDS web site.” No middle name.
82 Earlham Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 3HA, United Kingdom
Phone +44 1603 766550
Fax +44 1603 666290 Middle name Blogg.
147. date only.
148. Heanton Punchardon parish register, seen on microfilm in Devon Record Office Son’s baptism in 1858.
149. 1871 census for UK gives place of birth.
150. England census on 1842.
151. freeBMD Birth regn Sep quarter 1841 at Maylebone Vol 1, P 186.
152. Birth cert of Alfred Raphael, born 6 Aug 1871 at his parents’ home, 45 Brunswick St, Fitzroy in County Bourke, Victoria, Australia. He was the son of Simeon Raphael, a 45 year-old merchant born in London, and Catherine Raphael née Levy, aged 40 and born in London. Simeon and Catherine had been married in London in 1851. The birth certificate gives all this information and also lists the parents’ other children with their ages if still living.
153. Death certificates #7467 in 1895 for James Simeon RAPHAEL and #7314 for 1895 for Catherine Raphael. The certificates name their parents but Catherine’s death certificate does not give her mother’s maiden name.
154. The Otago Witness Shipping News, transcribed on
155. Report Produced: Sat Feb 3 09:15:24 2007 on

Terrace, 146-148 Victoria Pde, East Melbourne, VIC
Photographs: View Photo Database Record
List: Register of the National Estate
Class: Historic
Legal Status: Registered (21/10/1980)
Place ID: 5140
Place File No: 2/11/033/0110

Photo details
Barcode No: rt15229
Holdings: RT15229 - RT15230
Location: 146-148 Victoria Pde, East Melbourne Vic
Date Taken: Sep-78
Photographer: Cheah, P
Keyword(s): Houses
Copyright Owner: Copyright DEW
Copyright Conditions: Contact copyright owner before using

Bibliography given:

(The Commission is in the process of developing and/or upgrading official statements for places listed prior to 1991. The above data was mainly provided by the nominator and has not yet been revised by the Commission.)
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181. Sid McNaughton
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184. Vera McNabb
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186. Birth certificate of Philip Incledon b 1856 #55596 names him as Philip INCLEDON and his parents as Philip INCLEDON, master mariner, and Ellen INCLEDON née HALL [1856 apr-Jun qtr Vol 10a P 46]
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200. Small diary kept by Ron McNaughton on the ship from Australia to South Africa. Diary gives family birthdays without years. Diary in possession of Keith McNaughton.
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