201. Sid McNaughton interviewed by Lesley McNaughton
202. Baptism register Saint Pancras gives date of birth for Maria Louisa Kelly clearly as 6 Sep 1848. It also names her parents as John and Maria Louisa Kelly, abode Buckingshire Place, and gives John’s occupation as a clicker.
203. Christening entry for Maria Kelly gives date of birth, parents names (no middle name for her father John) and address.
204. Vic. Death Certificate #2953 for Maria Louisa McNaughton, aged 67 parents named, she'd been in the colony for 60 years.
205. Marriage Certificate Victoria 1863 #2249 for James McNaughton and Maria Kelly
206. Miner, aged 34 on birth cert of son George
207. Melb cemetery index
208. “The Register of Births in Kilmarnock since Jenat Thomson commenced midwife”, transcript held by Scottish Genealogy Society in Edinburgh. It records births between 27 Jul 1777 and 15 Aug 1829.
209. Death certs of James McNaughton and Margaret McNaughton née McPhie:
Ages of children on his death cert don't match ages of his wife's death cert. Hers match better the known dates. Informant for both death certs was their son Robert who didn't know the names of 3 of his grandparents.
210. 1841 census Gorbals schedule 51, page 21.
212. Record of birth in parish register for Gorbals (Births & Christenings) - seen on film 1042982
213. birthyear in VPI 1881 #23360
214. Letter from Allan to brother Ron, 28 Aug 1947.
215. Birth 1879 Fitzroy in VPI #9204
216. Birth in VPI 1868 #18000
217. Birth in VPI 1866 #8160
218. Birth certificate # 7410 Victoria.
219. Marriage certificate. #1091.
220. Army Discharge Cert #186895 and Record of Service Book for Frank Rowley.
221. Death Certificate Death Cert #16300 for Frank ROWLEY.
222. Birth certificate #12708/20.
223. Sue Rowley has a postcard addressed to W. Ayers dated 31 Mar 1903 Kath Rowley has part of a postcard sent to Woodzell Ayers at the school, 1 May 1902, by his father. Another postcard addressed to Messrs A. Cheverton & Co at Tyler's Gateway, in Arthur's collection, showed that this company was in business in 28 May 1904, while Messrs A.R. Ayers & Co was also at Tyler's Gateway on 15 Jul 1904.
224. Postcard addressed to Arthur Ayers on the ship c/o an address in Naples.
225. Story told by Constace Blanche Casement, called Nina, to her granddaughter Lesley Rowley
226. "The Limits of Hope - Soldier Settlement in Victoria 1915-38" by Marilyn Lake, Oxford History. Cover photo shows Arthur and Nina with the twin babies, Kathleen and Frances, outside their crude wooden shack.
227. Reference given by Marilyn Lake is 7 File of A.E.W. Ayers, DSL 1452. Qualification certificate and references, inspector's reports 31 Jul 1926; 14 Dec 1926. Ayers to CSB 26 Jul 1927. VPRS 10381, item 127.
228. 1861 census - midnight between 7th and 8th April Middle initial given.
229. Pilton Parish Register, Baptisms 1569 to 1884, transcript seen in Devon Record Office.
230. Death certificate for John Incledon d 1868
231. Marriage certificate for Philip Kingdom INCLEDON and Ellen HALL, married 20 Jan 1848, Dublin. banker.
232. 1851 census for Devon Cordwainer.
233. Register of Apprentices in Barnstaple 1802-1843, in transcription of Poor Law records, seen in Devon Recod Office.
234. Larry Incledon
235. Death certificate for Mary Incledon d 1858
236. St Catherine’ index - deaths 8b/42.
237. The birth of Eliza Alice Kingdon Incledon was registered in the Jul-Sep qtr of 1861 in Liverpool, Lancashire Volume: 8b Page: 46
238. St Catherine’ index - deaths Dec 1862 8b/42.
240. b 1851, no place.
241. 1851 census for Devon 2 years old.
242. IGI Lookup Film 0504765 , item 2 Bishop's transcripts, 1562-1845 Spilsby.
243. South Australian Births 1842-1906 CD; District Code: Ade; Book: 4; Page: 272
1-100, 101-200, 201-243

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